Basement Upgrades
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  Mold Free Perimeter
- One coat "Dry Lock"
Foundational wall waterproofing sealant $600 - $900*
- Special Engineered Moisture Barrier
Typar House wrap moisture barrier over studding and insulation $150 - $300*
- 3 ½" Crown Moulding
3 1/2" Crown Moulding $5.00 per linear foot
- Wall Sconces
Four Owner supplied fixtures installed w/dimmer switch $350
- Dimmer Switches
Install individual dimmer switch $35 each
- Energy Saver Light bulbs
Energy Saver light bulbs (not damnable) $5 each
- Custom Paint Colors
Custom paint colors and or more than one wall color $200 - $500 *
- Heavy Colonial Trim
Heavy colonial trim package, wide door & window trim, wide base trim, crown and chair rail moulding (samples available) $850 - $1500*
- Wainscotting w/ Chair Rail
Wainscotting w/chair rail $10 per linear foot including painting
- Shadow Boxing
Shadow boxing (false raised panel wainscotting) $10 per linear foot
- Wet Bars and Gas Fireplaces
Wet bars and gas fireplaces available upon request
- Built-ins
Built-ins, book cases, cabinets, shelving, etc., available upon request
- Sound Proofing
Soundproofing between floors $2 per square foot
- Large Windows and Window Wells
Large windows and window wells $2,000 and up
- Full Bath
Pump-up full bath $8,000 and up
- Extra Recessed Lights
Extra recessed lighting $110 each
- Anti-Mold and Mildew Fogging
Total anti-mold and mildew fogging (for existing conditions) $250 - $550*

* item pricing - basement size dependent
- click item for price

When considering basement conversion, mold is an important concern. In addition to the standard mold prevention measures, an upgrade to the
Mold Free Perimeter Wall System includes:

Moisture sealing with "Dry Lock" of the
foundation, walls, and floor

Non-Moisture-Absorbing galvanized stud work and tracks

Owens-Corning Basement paperless insulation

Typar Specially engineered moisture barrier
over studding and insulation

Mold and mildew resistant sheetrock

Mike also recommends open floor plans for more efficient air circulation and larger or more windows.

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